The war in Raccoon Ford, September 1863

The Alexandria Gazettee of September 18, 1863, under a column entitled THE WAR IN VIRGINIA, contained two reports from Raccoon Ford. (Italics courtesy of Armchair Historian – an attempt to keep the chronology straight.)

The first citation was from the Richmond Examiner of September 16 (Wednesday), which noted, “A spirited fight took place on Monday (September 14), at Raccoon Ford, in which the 6th Virginia cavalry repeatedly charged and drove the Federals back. Their loss was 50 or 60 killed and wounded. Our loss was only four or five. The repeated efforts of the enemy to gain the river were foiled, and we now hold possession of the ford.”

The second citation with the Gazette’s column: “The Army correspondent of the New York Times writes on the 16th, says: The enemy contests Gen. Pleasanton’s further advance on the south bank of the Rapid Ann with a strong force of cavalry, artillery, and infantry, aided by strong breastworks and rifle-pits. Considerable sharp skirmishing occurred at Raccoon Ford yesterday (Tuesday, September 15), but our loss was slight and our forces remained quietly on this side of the river. I have as yet no positive information concerning the main body of the rebel infantry; but it is quite evident that their position will be certainly developed within a day or two.”